Terms and Conditions of Sale


Please make sure that you read, understand and accept these terms and conditions before trading in your gadget with us. You should be aware that by registering your trade in on our site, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.


1.How The Contract Is Made.

We accept trade in’s from residents within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only.

The contract will begin once you have submitted your trade in request on our website and received your confirmation email.

It is important to understand that you must have full ownership of the gadget that you are wishing to trade, and by trading with us you confirm this.

Once we receive your gadget and issue your payment then its ownership will pass solely to us. If the gadget is later found to be reported as lost or stolen, or becomes network barred or blacklisted, then we reserve the right pursue you for full reimbursement for our losses and may involve the authorities to investigate further to commence possible criminal proceedings.

You may cancel this contract with us at any time, up to the time when you send us your gadget; this is your cooling off period.

When cancelling this contract during the cooling-off period, you do not need to give us any reasons and you will not have to pay any fees.

To cancel the contract you must notify us in writing by either letter or email.

The gadget we receive must meet our terms and conditions; if it doesn’t then we reserve the right to cancel this contract with you.


By trading with us on our site you are confirming that:

·         You are resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

·         You are legally capable of entering into a contract.

·         You are at least 18 years old or if you are under 18 years of age, that you have obtained your parent or guardians consent to trade in your gadget with us.

·         You have full ownership rights of the gadget you are trading.

·         By trading with us you or your parent/guardian releases GadgetReclaim of any liability of any kind.


Gadget Conditions

Each gadget you want to trade must match the make and model that you entered during the trade in registration process and meet the detailed criteria below:

Working Devices:

For a device to be classed as working, each gadget:

·         Must be fully working for use the way it was intended.

·         Must switch on and off and all other buttons must be working as they should.

·         Must have a fully working screen without any damage, cracks or colour bleeds.

·         Must have a fully working touch screen without any dead areas or dust / debris underneath the glass etc.

·         Must have all features of the gadget working, like making calls, Wi-Fi, screen, camera etc. 

·         Must show no signs of water or liquid damage (indicators must not be activated).

·         Must include its battery. 

·         Must have fully working software / operating system.

·         Must not have any cracks, chips, or missing parts. Devices with any of these will be subject to a revised offer.

·         Personalised devices (e.g. Engraved or lasered with personal messages or names etc.) will typically occur a £10 deduction from the original price quoted. This will be automatically applied without prior notice.

·         Any devices with non official manufacturer software will be subject to a revised offer. Should you not wish to accept the revised offer then you will be responsible for return postage in these cases. Rooted, jailbroken or software tampered devices are exempt from free returns. Devices will only be returned once postage payment has been received. You are also welcome to create your own postage label from Royal Mails website or arrange your own courier and inform us of the details. 

·         All Smart watches & tablets must include a working charger. FitBit & Smart watches devices must include a working charger and strap.


Faulty Devices:

Each device should:

·         Include its battery

·         Have all components intact such as, but not limited to,  screws, buttons, etc

·         Be fully intact (e.g not be crushed, bent, snapped etc)

·         Not be iCloud or security locked. 


iOS Devices

 All Apple devices must be removed from any iCloud or find my iOS apps before we receive them. We reserve the right to cancel this contract or amend our offer if we receive any iCloud locked devices.


Returns and Revised Offers

If we receive a gadget that doesn’t meet our criteria, we will email you a revised offer, if you accept our offer then we will process your trade in as normal or if you decline we will return your gadget to you. 

When we return a device using our free post service,this service is fully tracked and insured up to the value of £20. Therefore should the device be damaged in transit or lost there would only be a maximum claim of £20 possible regardless of device value. We would advise that customers have their device returned via Special Delivery, which would be at your own cost. When requesting your device to be returned, you will be sent an email setting out these options which we require confirmation of. Devices will only be returned once confirmation has been received and/or any applicable courier payments made. After confirmation is received and /or payment received for return postage your device will be processed and returned within 3-5 working days. 

For clarification, you must confirm which return option you would like via the links in your account page with us. We do not accept any other forms of acceptance or rejection and it must be completed via your account page.

At your request we will post your device via our standard freepost service but accept no responsibility for any loss or damage in the post, by giving us permission to return your device in this way you are confirming that you relinquish us from any liabilities in regards to loss or further damage to your device and understand that no claims are possible in the event of loss or damage en route back to you. 

If we return your item using our free service and it is returned to us as undelivered by Royal Mail, you will need to make payment of postage costs to us in order for us to return the device to you. Our free returns option is limited to one sending, any subsequent postage needed because of items undelivered will require payment for return by yourself.

If you haven’t responded to our offer within 7 days then we will automatically process your trade in at our revised price.

Any chargers, boxes or other accessories received cannot be returned. Please bear this in mind when sending your device to us. All we require is the device itself only. 

iCloud or security locked devices , and devices that have non official software, that you request to be returned are exempt from our free returns service, you will need to pay for your own returns postage in these cases. Our returns service costs £8.99.

By submitting an order through our site you confirm that your gadgets comply with these terms set out here.


Postage & Packaging

We offer Royal Mail Tracked 48 as our freepost option. We will post you a prepaid envelope or you can print your own label from our portal on the royal mail website to post your device to us, you can select which option you’d like on the checkout page and full instructions are given at checkout and by email to print your own label. You must post this parcel at your local post office and receive a tracking number (this is for your insurance purposes in case you need to make a claim for loss or damage).

Your gadget must be packed securely and in such a way to minimize damage to it in transit. Batteries must be inside the device (do not disconnect from the device and send separate). The freepost supplied by us is enough to send up to 2 devices in one package. If you want to trade in more gadgets you are welcome to place trade in requests in multiples of two if you’d like to use our freepost. Our freepost option is insured by Royal Mail for loss or damage up to the value of £100.

If your gadget is worth more than £100 then we recommend you send it via Royal Mail special delivery or equivalent service. This covers loss or damage for up to £750. We do not cover the cost of this service and this is entirely optional to you.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for non-delivery of phones or damage in transit en route to us. We strongly recommend that you send any high value gadgets via a registered postal service with adequate compensation cover in case of loss or damage.


Our Pricing Structure

The prices on our website change constantly, and can change without notice at any time.

We will honor the price we quoted you for 14 days. This gives adequate time to send your gadget to us. If we receive your gadget after 14 days, if there has been a change then the new price on our website will apply automatically, without notice. (14 days starts from the day you register your trade in on our website)



We offer two payment options, Bank transfer and PayPal. You need to select the appropriate payment option during the checkout process and ensure all details are entered correctly.  We make 95% of our payments the same day, but please bear in mind at times, it can take up to one day after receiving your device for payment to be issued.  We will issue you your payment within one day we receive your gadget as long as it meets our terms and conditions. If it does then payment will be processed as normal, however if it doesn’t we will contact you with a revised offer. If you choose to accept this offer then we will process payment in our next payment batch, if you don’t accept it then we will return your gadget to you, subject to the confirmation of the returns terms above. If you haven’t responded to our revised offer within 7 days, then we will automatically process your trade at the revised offer price. 

Payment will be issued the within one day or the same day if we receive and process your gadget before 3pm Monday to Friday. UK holidays and Bank Holidays will be processed the next working day. Although our team are available to accept delivery of gadgets on Saturday any gadgets received on a weekend will not be processed and paid until the following Monday.

Once payment has been made for devices they cannot be returned under any circumstances as stated above once payment is made ownership passes solely to us.

Bank Transfer Payment Option

Bank Transfer payments will only be made to the account details entered when you registered your trade. After a Bank transfer has been made it cannot be recalled or reversed, and cannot be reissued. You are responsible for entering the correct information at checkout.

PayPal Payment Option

To make payment by PayPal, all we need is your registered PayPal email address. Payment will be sent to this address. Please make sure you have a PayPal account if choosing this option to avoid any delays.


Lost, Stolen or counterfeit Mobile Phones and Devices

When we receive a gadget we will check the IMEI and/or Serial number of the gadget on the GSMA database. GSMA is a recognized database of information on electronic devices. We will perform checks to see if any gadget is registered as lost, stolen, or network barred. If a gadget is found to have a record that indicates it has been lost or stolen or we become aware of any other issue relating to its ownership at any stage, then we will notify you by email and quarantine the gadget for a period of 28 days. Payment for any gadgets showing any RED flags or adverse data by GSMA will be held by us until the flag has been removed.

The selling a gadget which you do not own or have legal rights to sell may result in a criminal conviction if criminal action is taken against you.

In the circumstances laid out above, you will be required to contact GSMA or the network provider of the device to prove that you are the rightful owner of the gadget and have the flags against the gadget removed or corrected. This must be done within the 28 days that the gadget is in quarantine.

If the gadget is cleared on the GSMA database then your payment will be processed and paid for as normal.

If however, the gadget is not cleared on the GSMA database within the 28 day period, we are required by law to hold onto the gadget or pass it to the Police or other law enforcement or local authority or dispose of it, by accepting this contract you are expressly agreeing to such actions being taken if so needed.

The legislation in the UK is quite clear and states that we cannot under any issue payment or return any gadget which is lost or stolen or recorded as such.

If we have already paid you for a gadget we received and become aware of any issues regarding its ownership, you agree to immediately fully reimburse us for the gadget. We will write to you by email and/or letter requesting this.

If at anytime we become aware of any ownership issues, then you agree to fully cooperate with us in an attempt to resolve these. You also agree to be contacted by the police if such action is deemed necessary to be taken. Counterfeit or fake items that are identified can not be returned and no payment can be made. These will be disposed of, or passed to the relevant bodies for investigation. 


Important Points to Note

·         You are solely responsible for cancelling any contracts or payment plans for the gadget you are selling. We will not be held responsible for any misuse however caused.

·         Your SIM and Memory cards must be removed before sending your gadget to us. If we receive any SIM or memory cards they will be disposed of but please remember, We cannot be held responsible for any sensitive data falling into the wrong hands as a result of SIM cards being sent to us.

·         You are welcome to send any accessories with your gadget like charger and box etc., but please bear in mind that this does not increase the value of your gadget. All we require is the gadget itself and battery.

·         Please remember that by sending your phone to us, you are releasing us from and any claims, losses or damages in respect of this gadget. It is your responsibility to ensure your personal information is removed from the gadget being sold prior to sending it to us. We will not be held responsible for any damages caused by your data falling into the wrong hands.

·         Personalised devices will be deducted £10 from the original price quoted, this will be automatically applied when the device is processed and payment is made without prior notice.

·         We can advise you how to delete your data if you need it, just contact us and we will advise you. 



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